Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shanghai River Cruise

Friday night, March 19, most of us took a cruise on the Huangpu River, between The Bund and Pudong. The building and lights of Pudong are breathtaking.

This last video had really bad wind noise, so I had to replace the audio with music. Hope you like it!

This is the last post for the 2010 Kelley in China Blog. Thanks for following our trip. Be sure to check out the other Kelley blogs!

Videos from Shanghai

Our first full day in Shanghai, March 18, was full of travel adventures - taxis, a bus, and the subway! Andrew and Alli share stories from the taxi ride.

Stuart took the video camera to document our experience with in the Shanghai subway.

More Hangzhou Videos

Here are some more videos from the long but fun day we had in Hangzhou on Tuesday, March 16. The first two are from our visit to Hefang Street, where Abhinav attracted a crowd and Stuart practiced his bargaining skills.

Later that day, everyone visited West Lake. Alli took the video camera to document her group's boat trip to dinner. First we hear from Sam:

Monday, May 24, 2010

At the National Silk Museum

Our visit to the National Silk Museum in Hangzhou included a surprise fashion show, followed by a demonstration in which we learned how to identify real silk. Here Kelsea get's a lesson on the burn test. "No burn, no buy..."

At long last: Video content

As the students can tell you, life at IU is a whirlwind of activity from spring break to finals and commencement. Finally, with many of the students out of town for the summer, I've got some time to add videos which I wasn't able to upload from China.

Were we order dinner on our first night in Hangzhou...

...and then we get to experience the dinner:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trip Debriefing

Our class last night was fun. We met to debrief the trip, and since this was our first time together since returning it was a very loud and talkative class. Our group interaction was totally different than it was before the trip, when we hardly knew each other. Some people brought trip photos to class, and we all enjoyed sharing our adventures with He Laoshi.

For the most part, I think we are over the jet lag and we're getting back into our normal routines. I've been playing catch-up at work. I promised the students that I will upload videos to this blog when I have the time; I hope to get to that within the next week.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back Home Again in Indiana

We've landed in Indianapolis! Now it's just one short bus ride until we're home. Alli's family greeted us at the Indy airport; Sagar's family met us at O'Hare. It's great to see (and call) loved ones again.

It's been an exhausting trip, but everything went smoothly and we had a great time! Keep an eye on this blog - I will add a few more photos, plus a number of videos in the days to come.